Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Monetary Policy of Pakistan 2010-2011

In the last week of September 2010, State Bank of Pakistan decided to increase its monetary policy rate by 50 basis points to 13.5% for the period of October-Novemer 2010. Due to various crisis faced by the country the SBP officials are saying that it is necessary to tighten the monetary stance for the next couple of months. According to the current Governor SBP Dr. Shahid Kardar, “The monetary policy stance is formed by the consideration that the effect of continued inflation is substantial and felt by the entire economy. A tightening of the stance is thus called for in full recognition that the difficulty to contain fiscal deficit has resulted in the private sector bearing the full brunt of such an adjustment,”.

According to the SBP momentary policy document, the recent catastrophic floods have serious implications for macroeconomic stability and growth prospects. However, even before the floods, the macroeconomic conditions and outlook were looking fragile. By the end of FY10, inflation was high and the fiscal deficit had risen to 6.3 percent of GDP. Early assessments indicated that these pressures are unlikely to abate in FY11.

Few days before, I had recorded one of the episode of my program "Maeshatnama" on this topic and invited renowned economists Dr. Shahid A. Zia and Mr. Tariq Asmat to share their views on the topic, that what will be the after effects of such stances of the governments on Pakistani economic cycle.

Video discussing the earlier stances of Governer SBP and current policies, plus did the government had any other option to avail in current economic scenario:

It said that the next quarter would be crucial in forming an assessment of the effectiveness of government’s efforts to contain the fiscal deficit and its inflationary borrowings from the SBP and the banking system. There are assumptions that the process of tightening in monetary policy will further continue. Following video is discussing the after affect of such stance on the economy and inflation.

According to the economic gurus, in Pakistan only salaried class pays its taxes regularly, though due to the fact the salary is given after the deduction of the taxes to the employees, what are the benefits of increasing the tax net in country and what necessary steps should be taken in order to fulfill the targets of FBR, is discussed in the following video.

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